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I’m off to Texas tomorrow!  I’ll be in Austin visiting my best friend and her husband.  It’s a bitter sweet vacation, though.  While I am beyond excited to get away for a few days, I know I’m going to be hurting, missing my boys.  I’ve never been away from my son.  How will I cope?  And although Brandon has been deployed for months at a time, being apart from him never gets easier.  I’ll do my best to manage.  Good thing I’ll be around someone who knows the rythmn of my heart even better than I do!  My BFF and I date back to Kindergarten!

I’ll be back Monday, but while I’m gone, I won’t be checking my business email or Facebook page.  No worries, though– I’ll be sure to get back to everyone ASAP.

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!  Let’s celebrate our troops– past and present.  Their sacrifices are endless and often under-appreciated.  Don’t forget to thank them this holiday weekend 🙂


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