A Match Made in Orange County | Temecula, CA Couples Photographer


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If by “match” you mean someone who matches you and is your match, then yes, of course Lindsey and John are a match!  OK– so that sentence doesn’t make a lot of sense, but that’s how I explained it to Lindsey one night.  Ever since becoming a mom I often struggle with articulating my thoughts (I’m learning this affects lots of moms).  However it’s said, it’s the truth.  Lindsey and John are an adorable couple.  They have an honest relationship, one in which they can both say how they feel and express what’s on their minds.  It’s a blessing– and sometimes hilarious.  The pair made the drive down from Orange County yesterday for a couples photo session here in Winchester and in Temecula.  I’m hoping to shoot their official engagement photos in the near future (hint, hint)!

Here’s the single sneak peek I’ll afford Lindsey.  You have to wait for the rest!  I hope you like it.

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