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Texas holds a special place in my heart.  Not because it’s home to my celebrity crush (George W. Bush. Yes, I’m serious)– but because it’s where my best friend lives.  If I were to move anywhere in the country, Texas would be it.  I absolutely love the scenery in Austin, tubing on the Guadalupe River, and chowing down to some amazing BBQ at the Salt Lick in Driftwood.  Mostly, I adore my best friend.  Fortunately she’s in good hands with her husband, an all-around good guy.
I spent Memorial Day weekend in Austin sans my other half and my baby boy.  I’ll admit it was hard leaving them behind, but I needed a vacation like nothing else in this world.  The trip was bitter sweet.  Awesome because I got to spend time with my oldest and dearest friend, and miserable because I had to say goodbye to her after five days.  Of course she obliged to a photo session while I was there.  Here she is with her handsome hubby.  (Hopefully I’ll be posting her boudoir shots soon!)

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