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I’ve held off on blogging this post for a few days because I just wasn’t sure what to say about Nick and Vanessa.  There are lots of cheesey things I could throw out there about “love at first sight” and meeting Mr. Right, Prince Charming, etc.  I could make comments about how quickly life is moving for them and how I’m sure they’re loving every second of it. But I won’t.  I’ll simply say, “Sometimes, you just know.”
I introduced Nick to my cousin Vanessa on my birthday of May this year.  I had planned a night out for friends in Temecula and decided I’d set up a pseudo blind date for these two.  I thought they’d have some common interests and hit it off; sure enough, they did just that.  Several weeks later I was shopping for engagement rings with Nick and having girl talk with Vanessa.  Last Friday they became man and wife.  Sometimes, you just know.

They’re the most obviously in-love couple I know.  They make each other smile, they make each other laugh and they give one another a reason to dream.  Vanessa has been deserving of a man like Nick for quite some time, and Nick has been waiting for a girl like Vanessa his entire life.  That could just be my opinion, but I’m a romantic.  And sometimes, you just know.

To the Mr. and Mrs., I wish you a life of never ending happiness, constant laughter and a relationship so full of passion that you never have to second guess a single breath or a single moment of your existence.

Here are a few photos from their intimate ceremony.  I’ll have the pleasure of dancing night away with Nick and Vanessa at their larger celebration next year.  Thank you for making me a part of your special day(s) 🙂


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