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Over Labor Day weekend I ventured off to Boston for a baby shower.  Sure, that’s a long way to travel for a party, but the trip’s purpose was to see a dear friend who moved away more than two years ago.  Since then he’s gotten married to a beautiful woman and they are now expecting a baby boy in December.  I am so happy for William and Liz.  They are going to be amazing parents and I can’t wait to meet their perfect little boy!
During my little vacation I took advantage of some alone time to explore the sights and sounds of Boston and the surrounding areas.

Here is a VERY SMALL and LIMITED selection of some photos I took during my adventures.  There are more to come and I’ll post once I find some more time.


Sleepy Hollow, Concord MA
Building at North Bridge where Colonial Minute Men first clashed with British Soldiers, Concord MA
Battle Road (route of British Soldiers from Boston to Concord and then back), Lincoln MA
Home on Battle Road
Painted brick wall at Fenway Park

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