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We have a winner for our free session contest!  Instead of using a random number generator, I decided to let my 18 month old draw the winning name.  I thought it was much more exciting this way.  I wrote every name down on paper, cut them into slips and put them into a bowl.  My son did a great job and pulled out ONE slip.  How about the amazing quality of these photos?!?  LOL.  I was lazy last night and opted for my cell phone rather than my bohemouth Canon.  I promise not to use my phone to shoot your sessions though, promise! 

We had 45 entries…


And the winner is…


Congrats, Kari Winship!  To claim your free session, please email me at!  I can’t wait to hear from you!

And thank you EVERYONE for participating!  This was sooo fun and we’ll be sure to do it again soon!  Be sure to leave a comment with your ideas for our next contest!

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    Aww, that’s such a great drawing idea! The pics came out really cute!

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    DARN IT! I really thought I had this one 😉

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    aw next time it will read “aurora perez” i can feel it! 🙂

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