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I love weddings.  Maybe it’s because I didn’t have one of my own or maybe it’s because cake is my favorite food (it is!).  In any case, I adore weddings and photographing them brings me so much joy.  That’s why I had no problem booking Mike and Nicole’s big day last minute.  And by last minute, I mean we had a phone consultation Thursday, the contract was signed Friday, and they became husband and wife on Saturday.  I’m really happy I was able to work with them and witness the love they share.  They reminded me of a pair of giddy teenagers getting ready to go on their first date without a chapperone.  Cute, right?  And if a super sweet, doting couple wasn’t enough, a tue American super hero even made an appearance.  Pastor Mike pulled out a Superman Snuggie during the ring exchange to demonstrate that not even the Man of Steel could break the committment of a husband and wife.  Needless to say, Mike and Nicole’s guests loved the comedy bit and I have to respect a man who will wear a “blanket with arms” in 100 degree heat.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from this special day.  I hope you enjoy– and remember, if Mike and Nicole get 25 different people to comment on this blog post, they’ll receive a mounted 11×14 print of their choice.  Thanks everyone!

The first look.

  1. yvonnieandrey2008@gmail.com says:

    Beautiful photo’s. Looks like it was a wonderful Wedding! Congratulations!

  2. Awesome work!! Love the one of her relaxing in the bedroom and also the Superman preacher!! What a fun looking wedding 🙂

  3. drlopez8@verizon.net says:

    Beautiful couple, beautiful photos. The clincher for men was preacher Superman. Genius!

  4. mariacrisp32@gmail.com says:

    All Beautiful! My favorites are the forehead kiss and embrace photographs.

  5. dianecrisp@sbcglobal.net says:

    Beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple. I LOVE THE PHOTOS! CONGRATULATIONS Mike & Nicole!

  6. melyfitz@gmail.com says:

    Great work, Alicia! Your lens captured many of the intimate, special moments shared that day. I’m sure that Mike & Nicole will enjoy looking back and reliving their wedding day through these emotional images… just beautiful!

  7. rk4man@pacbell.net says:

    Your are both beautiful! It makes me SMILE!

  8. mariacrisp32@gmail.com says:

    Absolutely beautiful!! I especially loved the embrace and forehead kisses.

  9. mercypilot@yahoo.com says:

    It was a wonderful wedding and I know that both Mike and Nicole will enjoy a very happy life together! Thanks for the great photo’s Alicia Q!

  10. popronni@gmail.com says:

    Nikki and Mike, the pics are beautiful!!!! lovely couple! Looking forward to seeing you both.
    Love Dad

  11. stephaniecrisp101@yahoo.com says:

    the wedding was a lot of fun!! The pics look amazing!!

  12. lisbac121897@gmail.com says:

    amazing wedding had a fun after party

  13. boydnuaz92@att.net says:

    Some truly nice pictures capturing such a happy occasion. Thank you for doing the job on such short notice.

  14. Trueblue311@socal.rr.com says:

    Gorgeous as always, Alicia!! I LOVE her bridesmaids bright shoes and different flowers!! Still jealous you couldn’t be a second shooter at our wedding 😉 You are certainly talented! 🙂

  15. desertfreek@msn.com says:

    alicia, you did a great job capturing the most wonderful day of my life!! Thank you again for coming through for us at such short notice too! you will be highly recommended.

  16. spider_monkey1997@hotmail.com says:

    most awesome pictures EVER!

  17. abrnkym@yahoo.com says:

    Beautiful job Alicia! Mike and Nicole, wishing you the very best in life! Enjoy!

  18. cmcloward@yahoo.com says:

    Beautiful pictures!!

  19. therocknsd@yahoo.com says:

    Wonderful pictures! So happy for you and your family Mike.Much love,

  20. Looks like a dream-come-true, Mike! Way to go! The very best of everything always to you all. Love, Rex

  21. annaleyva@hotmail.com says:

    Such a lovely couple and an amazing selection of beautiful pix. Wish I could have been there! You two look AMAZING!

  22. johncavitt@mac.com says:

    Great pictures! Congratulations!!

  23. walterford@ymail.com says:

    I hope you are both truely happy.I hope someday just to sit together and see you happily in love.

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