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A past client once told me that she had more butterflies in her tummy at her husband’s homecomingthan she did at their own wedding .¬† I thought, how romantic ūüôā¬† When I met Kelsea, I could see that she too had those same¬†butterflies.¬† Not the sweet ones that flutter and tickle, but rather the big ones that disrupt your thoughts and even your balance.¬† Kelsea knows what I’m talking about, right?¬† ūüôā

I had so much fun with this group who waited in the dark to greet¬†their¬†husband, their brother, their son-in-law, their friend.¬† The jokes and laughter never stopped and I could feel their excitement bouncing through the air and it helped to pass the time. It seemed to be an eternity before the bus finally arrived.¬† But when it did, it stopped just feet ahead of us.¬†¬†Kelsea watched the exiting Marines intently, searching for a familiar face.¬† When she laid eyes on her husband it was an all-out blitz.¬† She certainly¬†takes the cake for¬†best leap into her Marine’s arms, and the two of them hugged and kissed more than any other couple I’ve witnessed.¬† They just could not get enough of each other.¬†It was a joy to watch their love and smiles fill the night.

I’m honored to have been¬†a part of this homecoming, as I am¬†with all homecomings.¬† I never tire of the waiting, the anticipation, the uncertainty.¬† There is no better reward than watching hearts and families become whole again and I cherish these moments just like my clients do.¬† I will never have the words to adequately express how gratifying this part of my photography journey has been.¬† And with that, I invite you to take a look at Kelsea and her husband’s homecoming story…


  1. I am all choked up!! these are amazing Alicia!!

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