Take two | Temecula Glamour Photographer | Alicia Q. Photography


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I’m excited to share a few favorites from this session with everyone.  Paula commissioned me to recreate an image if herself from 30+ years ago.  She didn’t show me the photo beforehand, just told me it was a shot of her on the side of the road, hitch-hiking.  So I headed out to her house in Temecula where we spent some time in her backyard getting a variety of images before attempting to bring back a little piece of the past.

The first shot is the main reason Paula hired me (and she says we nailed it!), but her entire session was just lovely.  I am thrilled she asked me to photograph her and I must say, it was totally my pleasure.  I wish I had half the grace, beauty and confidence Paula has.  She OWNED this session 🙂


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