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Oh wow.  It’s been a long time since my last post!  Did you guys even notice?  Haha…say yes!  LOL.

Well, we are now just about a month away from Valentine’s Day, which to me, is a total chick holiday.  We get flowers and candy and jewelry and our significant others get…hmmm.  What do you get your boyfriend/husband for Valentine’s Day?  I always revert to buying myself a piece of sexy lingerie and pawning it off as a “gift for him”.  The truth is, men are hard to shop for– if you over-think it.  In reality, they are so simple it’s sickening.  I guarantee your man would be thrilled to receive images like the ones I’m sharing now.

Miss M gifted her boudoir photos to her husband for Christmas, and it’s probably safe to say these beautiful photos were much better than anything an old fat man could pull out of a red sack.

Miss M was so sweet and fun, and WOW– she rocked it.  Her poses, the smiles, the hair flipping– it was all fabulous.  Here are some of my favorite shots from our session together.  Enjoy!

  1. smjanczewski@gmail.com says:

    Love these so much Alicia! Such an inspiration with the boudoir photos =)

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