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(Thank you to Shanna Kreza Photography for the amazing homecoming photos of my sweet little family!)


It’s that time again– time for this month’s Blog Circle post, and I am so excited!  The theme is “A Day in the Life”.  Fun, right?!  My son and I have been in Southern California for a few weeks and it’s been non-stop work for this mama, but yesterday was a much-needed day off and I made sure to document the day to share with you guys.  In all honesty, I could have been a little better about whipping out the camera and taking even more photos, but sometimes you just have to BE in the moment, ya know?

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And now, a peek at “a day in the life”. It started with me waking Atticus up around 10am.  Yep, he loves to sleep in just like mom :)

NorthCarolinaPhotographer (1)NorthCarolinaPhotographer (3)NorthCarolinaPhotographer (4)


Atticus’ is too young for coffee, but he has his own morning pick-me-up; Yoohoo.

NorthCarolinaPhotographer (5)


After his sugar rush, he reached for his tablet to read the morning paper (errr, check in on Minecraft, I think).  But it was all fake tears and pouty lips when I informed him it was in fact shower time, and not video game time.

NorthCarolinaPhotographer (6) NorthCarolinaPhotographer (7)


Post shower smiles.  See, mom knows best :)

NorthCarolinaPhotographer (8)


As I was getting dressed and putting on makeup, Atticus hopped on the computer for a few minutes of game time.

NorthCarolinaPhotographer (9)


And then we hit up the craft store.

NorthCarolinaPhotographer (10) NorthCarolinaPhotographer (11) NorthCarolinaPhotographer (13)NorthCarolinaPhotographer (12)


Later we headed to Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que for dinner with my little brother, who was late as usual.

NorthCarolinaPhotographer (16)NorthCarolinaPhotographer (14) NorthCarolinaPhotographer (15)NorthCarolinaPhotographer (17)NorthCarolinaPhotographer (18)NorthCarolinaPhotographer (19)


In the parking lot after dinner, Atticus’ decided he was going to take his Uncle Javier’s car for a spin.

NorthCarolinaPhotographer (22)NorthCarolinaPhotographer (21)NorthCarolinaPhotographer (23)NorthCarolinaPhotographer (20)


We stopped by my little brother’s new apartment.  Atticus cried when we left, begging to move in with his Uncle. We sure do miss him when we’re all the way in North Carolina…

NorthCarolinaPhotographer (25)NorthCarolinaPhotographer (24)


Atticus was pretty excited to see his new backpack arrived at Grandma’s house while we were out.  Shortly after this, I washed my makeup off and put the camera away so we could hop into bed. Just one week until we are back in our own home in beautiful North Carolina…

NorthCarolinaPhotographer (26)


Thank you so much for stopping by and be sure to check back in next month for a new BLOG CIRCLE theme!  And don’t forget to head over to Oh! MG Photography to see Melissa’s take on this month’s theme.  To get the full BLOG CIRCLE experience, keep on clicking!



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Greetings from California!  If you don’t follow me on Facebook, you might not know that I’m currently in San Diego for the month of August.  On the 8th I photographed Tammy and Scotland’s beautiful Coronado wedding, and later this month I’ll photograph another in East County.  Since I never got around to blogging Tammy and Scotland’s adorable Balboa Park engagement photos, I thought I’d take a moment to do so now, because really, the world should be a witness to a love like this!  And just wait until you see the images from their wedding day.  Holy moly, it was one for the record books!  Stay tuned!

Balboa-Park-Engagement-Photos (31)Balboa-Park-Engagement-Photos (2)Balboa-Park-Engagement-Photos (3)Balboa-Park-Engagement-Photos (1)Balboa-Park-Engagement-Photos (4)Balboa-Park-Engagement-Photos (5)Balboa-Park-Engagement-Photos (6)Balboa-Park-Engagement-Photos (7)Balboa-Park-Engagement-Photos (10)Balboa-Park-Engagement-Photos (11)Balboa-Park-Engagement-Photos (14)Balboa-Park-Engagement-Photos (13)Balboa-Park-Engagement-Photos (15)Balboa-Park-Engagement-Photos (16)Balboa-Park-Engagement-Photos (17)Balboa-Park-Engagement-Photos (18)Balboa-Park-Engagement-Photos (19)Balboa-Park-Engagement-Photos (20)Balboa-Park-Engagement-Photos (21)Balboa-Park-Engagement-Photos (23)Balboa-Park-Engagement-Photos (25)Balboa-Park-Engagement-Photos (24)Balboa-Park-Engagement-Photos (26)Balboa-Park-Engagement-Photos (27)Balboa-Park-Engagement-Photos (29)Balboa-Park-Engagement-Photos (28)Balboa-Park-Engagement-Photos (30)


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