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I’m always amazed when I meet pregnant women who are so happy and glowing.  Let me tell you– at 37 weeks pregnant, that was NOT me.  I was a mess, in pain, and cranky.  And then there’s Cheryl, who looks great and is as chipper as can be.  If she’s not genuinenly feeling good, then she’s a heck of an actress!  I might add, however, that due to swelling she can’t fit her wedding ring anymore!  OK, so there, she isn’t perfect.  🙂
I met her and husband Dave at one of my favorite locations in Temecula and despite a sprinkler scare, we had a fun time laughing and joking.  They were up for my corny and silly posing ideas and weren’t too shy to let me know in a sarcastic tone that, “Yeaaah, this is a great idea, Alicia.”  Haha.  Thanks  Dave and Cheryl!  I had so much fun with you guys!  I can’t wait to meet little Rylee!  Congrats!

Here’s a preview of your gallery that is soon to come!  Enjoy!

One of my corny ideas.  Hey– Cheryl is a teacher.  So see.  It makes total sense 🙂
Is this one too corny?  Haha.  Merry Christmas from Dave, Cheryl and Rylee!
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    I like the corny! Haha! And I particularly love the one of them holding the blocks – Adorable! A great one to print on a large canvas for the nursery! 🙂

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