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I feel like it’s been forever since I posted!  As you may have noticed, I ditched the Project 365.  I knew it’d end up this way.  Unfortunately, our move into a new house got the better of me and I couldn’t manage the time well enough to make room for photography every day.  Shame on me.
But I am here to share some shots of my little man from today.  These were taken with natural light in our new living room.  The lighting is so amazing.  I can’t believe it took me 10 days to realize this!  I also used my barnwood flooring as a backdrop for the first time, which worked out nicely.  Overall, I’m very excited about my little experiment today.  And how adorable is my baby boy?  He’s growing way too quickly!  The only upside to this is that he seems to get cuter and cuter every day 🙂

p.s. These photos have not been color corrected.  The light in my living room is that awesome!

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