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There’s nothing quite like a Military Homecoming to send your emotions into overdrive.  The anticipation, the overflowing pride, the pure joy.  I like to compare it to the excitement of Christmas morning multiplied by a billion.  It’s no wonder I love photographing these special occasions.  As the wife of a U.S. Marine, I know exactly what these moments mean.  They mean no more sleepless nights, no more countdowns, no more movies alone on the couch.  They mean finally being able to shower or use the restroom without a cell phone glued to your hand.  Homecomings bring to an end comments like, “Wow, that must be hard.  I could never do that.”  And for the record, yes, it is hard.  But it’s a small sacrifice compared to the ones being made by those in uniform.  Military spouses wait patiently, selflessly, and courageously.  They work doubly hard to nurture a love separated by several time zones and thousands of miles.  Homecomings mean families, hearts and lives are whole again.

I’m excited to share these photos from last week’s homecoming of the Marine Corps’ Delta Company, 1st Tanks Battalion, out of Twentynine Palms, CA.  These guys just spent 7 long months in Afghanistan making history– Delta Company’s deployment marked the first time the Marine Corps has sent m1A1 Abrams tanks to Afghanistan.  Way to go guys!

I’m so happy I was able to share in the excitement with my friend Nikki and her family as they welcomed home their Marine.  Enjoy your time together as a family again, and thank you for all your sacrifices 🙂 


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  1. keeshacheyenne@yahoo.com says:

    I love these pics!!! They bought tears of joy to my eyes!!! These are great!! Love seeing all these men and women return home safely!!!

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