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I could see the anticipation in her eyes, the tension in her hands, a pout on her lips like they were excited and yet so nervous for that second first kiss.  Seven months had passed and in mere moments her Marine would be close enough to smell, close enough to touch.  Close enough to place his hands on her belly where their first child was growing, waiting to hear the echoes of daddy’s voice.

It’s difficult enough to imagine spending all that time away from your husband while he serves overseas in a combat zone.  Now imagine that he left soon after your wedding– so soon that you two never had a chance to set up a home or enjoy that blissful honeymoon stage.  And then imagine telling your husband from thousands and thousands miles away that you two will be expecting your first child just weeks after he comes home.  It’s a hard hand to accept, but it’s one that military wives are dealt all the time.  Luckily, some gals have amazing support systems while their husbands are deployed.  Stephanie is one of those gals.  Her parents and sister stood at her side on the parade deck, anxiously awaiting for one Marine in particular to march through the fog and into Stephanie’s arms.  She texted him, “How will you find me?”  He responded, “I have gorgeous wife radar.”  It was a bit of a frantic hunt to find him amongst the camouflage, but once she did, Stephanie melted in her husband’s arms.  Later, when they were alone, they opened a sealed envelope Stephanie had been holding onto for a few months.  Inside it said, “GIRL.”

I’m so happy to share with you this amazing couple’s homecoming story.  As you can seen, they’re over-the-moon-in-love and I’m thrilled for them to start their life together as a family.  Congratulations 🙂

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    Beautiful. I’m totally crying! Welcome home soldier, and thank you for your service!

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