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“Resilience” is defined as the ability to recovery readily from adversity.  It could just as appropriately be defined with a picture of a military wife, standing strong with her three children as she waits for a slow moving ship to dock.  A synonym for resiliency is “buoyancy”.   And like that ship requires the physics of buoyancy to keep from sinking, our military requires the support of strong spouses to keep spirits and life back home afloat, too.

I spotted Megan easily as she made her way towards me at Pier 13.  I knew she had three small daughters and I recognized her USMC sweatshirt immediately.  Her husband returned with the USS Makin Island; he was one of just a handful of Marines returning with the Navy ship that day.  Megan looked nervous– anxious to introduce her newest baby girl to Daddy for the first time.

The Makin Island seemed to take its sweet time pulling into the pier.  I watched alongside Megan and the other new moms as the ship approached.  I helped lift each of the older girls into the air so they could maybe get a peek of Daddy.  We didn’t fare any luck, but soon enough the anxious crowd of moms and children were escorted onto the pier where only moments later the ship’s Marines and Sailors were dismissed.

I saw Megan’s husband almost instantly.  What followed was a sweet reunion between Dad and his girls—this time 4 instead of 3.

Here’s a look at the S Family’s homecoming.  Please enjoy, and as always, welcome home, Marine!


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