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Amanda and Bruce.  I knew from the moment I saw them together for the first time that they fit together like puzzle pieces.  She is vibrant and strong-willed; he is laid-back and flexible.  Amanda is a ‘take charge’ kind of gal who get’s things done.  Being cut from the same cloth myself, I know from first hand experience that it takes a near-perfect man to impress a girl like Amanda.  Thankfully she found that perfect puzzle piece in Bruce on a seemingly ordinary day at the dog park.  He was an animal lover, too, and made Amanda feel vulnerable and real.  She wasn’t a damsel in distress by any stretch of the imagination, but it sure did feel good when Bruce wrapped his arms around her and carried her off into the sunset.  That’s the thing about girls like Amanda.  They can conquer the world alone– until one day they meet someone like Bruce who makes them realize they don’t have to, nor do they want to.  And that’s what I love about this love story.  It’s genuine.  It’s romantic.  And it’s set up perfectly for a happy ending.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson.  I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you 🙂


Venue and Catering: Orange County Mining Co.  |  Hair and Makup: Pink Diamond Artistry  |  Wedding Gown: Maggie SotteroJinny’s Bridal  |  Reception Gown: Loehmann’s  |  Cake: Rossmoor Pastries  |  Jeweler: Mimi’s Jewelry

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    Wow! The pictures are amazing!

  2. says:

    We Had Such an amazing time!!!! 🙂

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    great pics!

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    Thank you Alicia! These are amazing. Everyone should use you for their wedding!!!

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    Wow! nice pictures. I like the black and white are really cool looking. The out side at sun set is really nice. Very nice wedding.

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    I had so much fun doing the makeup for Amanda , the wedding turned out so beautiful !!

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    Amanda and Bruce,
    Your wedding was an amazing day and I was so happy to be apart of your new beginning together. All the pictures look amazing and I can’t wait to see what your lives together will become!

    Love you both!!!!

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    Amanda, you’re pictures are amazing! You look perfect. I love how you have an entire entourage helping you get ready and in Bruce’s room there’s like 1 person! haha

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    You got some amazing shots!!! So pretty…..

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    Such a happy and wonderful couple.Congratulations you guys!!!

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    These are amazing!!!

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    Beautiful pictures that truly capture this amazing couple!

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    OOOOOh my gosh Amanda! Your pictures are absoultly adorable. You look beutiful. Amazing pictures.

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    Great pictures!!

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    LOVE them!!!!!!

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    My precious child has grown into a beautiful woman, I am stunned at your beauty, and your husband is soooo handsome! The photographer you chose did a wonderful job and i felt like I was right there with you…I love you…Aunt Martha

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    Great love story told by Alicia and beautiful pictures too!!!

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    I love the photos! you look so happy and absolutely stunning.

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    The pictures look great! So happy for you guys 🙂

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    Love the pictures! Erik and I had a great time 🙂

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    Great pictures Amanda! Congrats Amanda and Bruce!

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    Fantastic pictures of a beautiful bride and groom… Well done!

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    Wish we could have been there! The pictures are beautiful. You and Bruce are a Great looking couple and your Family in Tennessee wish you both the Best! Hope to meet Bruce someday. Love, Aunt Carol

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    Great Looking pictures! Congradulations to you both. Hope to meet Bruce someday. Tell your Dad I wish I could have seen the Father – Daughter dance! Looks like a Great time. Best Wishes to your future, Uncle Tim.

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    Wish we could have made the Wedding. You and Bruce are a Beautiful Couple. Best wishes and all our love from Tennessee. Aunt Carol

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    Incredible photos, they really capture the moment.

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    So beautiful. I love that big big smile.

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    I had so much fun at your wedding! Congratulations you guys. NOW MAKE SOME BABIES!!!

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    What a beautiful bride! So many lovely pictures that will always bring back memories of your special day. Love you. XO

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    Great photos. I enjoyed looking at them. Congrats to the both of you.

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    Thank you so much everyone for the sweet comments. We love you all 🙂

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    You look so beautiful Amanda!! That was such a fun day!! xxoo

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    A fabulous and fun wedding! Beautiful photos delightful Amanda and charming Bruce. A perfect beginning for a lifetime of love, laughter and adventure. Thank you for inviting us! We wish you happiness to the moon and back!

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    The Wedding Pictures are some of the finest I have ever seen. The quality and selection of shots are spectacular! So proud to have been a part of this special occasion.

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    The pictures capture the Bride and Groom and the beautiful wedding so well. Was a wonderful evening and so much fun had by all which the pictures show. Thank you for the talent of the photographer. Pictures will be enjoyed forever. Grandma and Grandpa Culton

  36. Stunning couple. Love the images.

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