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Any military spouse will tell you how important a support network can be during a deployment. When your husband is away fighting a war, you become quite friendly with your computer screen and late night television. In the beginning, it’s easy to retreat to a dark room and cry alone into your pillow. This is standard routine for a lot of wives. If you’re lucky you have plenty of family and friends nearby who can help you through the dark days and remind you that the sun still shines. And if you’re really lucky, you have your own personal “battle buddy”, a sidekick who is always there to lick your face and keep you warm at night.

Winter has been that true-to-the-end friend for Lily. When I first met Lily several months ago, I heard her talking lovingly and adoringly about a sweet girl. I thought she was referring to a child, but she was in fact referring to her snow-white pooch Winter– who by the way is the cleanest, most well groomed dog I have ever come across. It’s pretty obvious that Winter gets star treatment and I wasn’t the least bit surprised when Winter accompanied Lily to Lily’s husband’s homecoming. And while Lily herself has a dazzling smile and energetic personality, it was Winter who stole the show while we waited for the Marines to march in. And once Lily’s husband did arrive, he made it clear that if Winter is a mama’s girl, then she is most certainly a daddy’s girl, too!

Here is the sweet homecoming story of Lily, her husband and their doggie diva, Winter. Enjoy 🙂


  1. solis_marcela@ATT.NET says:

    Awesome pictures!!! You look SO PRETTY Lily. Anthony, thanks for a job well done!

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