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I guess you can never really get “used to” deployments.  No matter how many times your husband leaves, it always hurts.  But after time, you learn a thing or two.  Jessica seemed to learn that you don’t have to arrive 2 hours before the buses or vans pull up.  In fact, I was waiting for her at her husband’s homecoming for at least 90 minutes, lol.  In all honesty, it was so peaceful!  I didn’t mind one bit!  I don’t get a whole lot of time alone and watching cars pass by was oddly therapeutic.  When Jessica and her adorable kids did show up, I welcomed their smiles and energy.  Just minutes later, their Marine arrived and put months of waiting to an end.  I am always honored to be a part of these special moments and want to thank the L Family for being fun, loving and most of all genuinely nice people.

Here are a few shots from their homecoming story 🙂 Enjoy!

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