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The title of this blog post says it all– I’m taking a trip to Paris!

For years I’ve imagined looking up at the Eiffel Tower in amazement, mouth wide open and tears in my eyes. Yes, I predict I’ll cry when I see Madame Eiffel. I’ve been enamored with the romanticism of Paris since I was a kid, but when you grow up without a lot of money, traveling to Europe is just a fantasy. Recently I made a promise to myself to stop waiting for my dreams to come true and to start MAKING them happen.

Items I've had in my office for quite some time to remind me of my goals!

Items I’ve had in my office for quite some time to remind me of my goals!

Just go for it!

A few weeks ago one of my best friends texted me after finding really cheap airline tickets to Paris. She booked a set for her and her husband and I was immediately jealous. But then I thought to myself, “What the hell– I’m going, too.” My friends were happy to have me along and my husband encouraged me to take some time off to enjoy myself. And so the planning for our trip began.

We snagged really cheap airfare through WOW Air thanks to our off-season traveling, and we’ve worked in a detour to Amsterdam! I vow to see and do as much as I can! There’s no telling when I’ll be in Europe again, so I’m going to get my fill!


We leave in less than four weeks (Feb. 28 – Mar. 10) and it’s all I can think about! Can you blame me? It’s freaking PARIS!

So who’s been? Do you have any tips for a first-timer? What’s your favorite thing about Paris or Amsterdam? I’d love to hear anything you have to share! I can’t wait to blog all about this trip when I get back!

p.s. I’m ordering these adorable illustrations by Livi Gosling to hang in my office. You can buy them HERE and HERE!


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