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I can’t say enough about Dan and Tara.  Obviously, they’re a gorgeous couple (Ken and Barbie come to mind when I look at their photos).  But more than that, they are kind, funny and genuine.  Tara contacted me through my website about shooting her intimate backyard wedding and we scheduled our first meeting at the mall.  We chatted on the patio of Starbucks and before we could decide on wedding announcements, we had already bonded over a 20 minute conversation about teeth and dental work.  Sometimes it’s the little things that connect two people 🙂  It turns out we had more in common, like the vision for her wedding portraits; modern and romantic.  I couldn’t really fail with such beautiful people to work with.  And they made me feel so welcomed.  I felt like a part of the family at their ceremony and I thank them for that.

I hope Dan and Tara are having a fabulous time on their honeymoon.  I am so jealous of you two!  Bora Bora, really?  Ugh.  Someday!

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the formal portraits at Temecula Creek Inn and the ceremony at their amazing Temecula home.  Enjoy!

  1. ygjacobs@yahoo.com says:

    These pictures are just BREATHTAKING!! I’m anxious to see the rest. What a beautiful family.My wish is for you three to have the most loving and happiest life ever. I’m so proud of the three of you.
    Welcome to the family, Tara and Grayson. I’m honored to call you my Daughter and Grandson. Mom

  2. velvic@suddenlink.net says:

    These pictures are so true to life and shows how much they care for one another, I am so proud to say they are my Grandchildren, I love the three of them so very much. Have a happy marriage and life together. LOVE GM GGM

  3. Sweetkat74@gmail.com says:

    Those are gorgeous, they made me tear up, they just seem so real and natural!

  4. Dan and Tara you are indeed a match made in heaven. I know your love will last a life time. Why did I say that you may ask? Because you were made for each other. Both of you found your soul mate. Both of you married their best friend. Both of you understand the meaning of passion and you take it seriously. That is why you are the epitome of a perfect couple.
    When I met you a little over a year ago, I told myself….self what a perfect couple. I noticed that both of you work very hard to keep each other happy. That is the main ingredient in love ever lasting. Dan you know you control Tara’s electricity and Tara you control Dan’s. As long as you just keep your relationship exciting, new and refreshing it will last forever. I love you both and I wish you the best.

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