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I’m super giddy to share this session with you all because I love showing off my family!  My little brother Javier is like a best friend to me (even though we’re 9 whole years apart) and I can’t believe he’s almost out of his teen years.  It seems like just yesterday I was changing his diapers, forcing him to dance to Shania Twain songs with me, and watching scary “woovies” together.  Now, he’s big and tall and has a girlfriend.  Gah!  I suppose when you ignore the part about me getting old, my baby brother growing up isn’t too bad.  First, he’s a great baby-sitter.  Second, he has his own car and I no longer have to taxi him around town.  And third, I get to watch him figure out life.  He’s doing pretty well, too.  He managed to find Maya, a sweetheart of a girl who adores our family.  And it turns out, we like her, too!  Haha.  But really, she’s a doll and seems to fit so well with Javier.  For her birthday (which she shares with me!) Maya wanted to have their photos taken.  My brother convinced her that the portrait studio in the mall was a bad idea and he scheduled a session with me.  See, I told you he’s doing pretty well at this “life” thing.  Smart boy!  Anyhow, here are some of my favorite shots so far from Javier and Maya’s “Young Love” session.  Enjoy!  And remember to leave some comments if you feel compelled to do so 🙂


Isn’t she a pretty little thing?!?  Ahh, to be a teenager again…

Look at this handsome boy!  Aww, I’m a proud big sister 🙂

  1. donave1981@yahoo.com says:

    So cute!!! He did a good job not taking her to the mall.. phew… 🙂 They are just adorable..

  2. These are perfection! Love the clarity and just loveliness to these!

  3. kimberlala.s@gmail.com says:

    You are so talented! They are adorable.

  4. maya_villock@yahoo.com says:

    whaooo chicaaa yuhh did such an amazing job we look so happy awauhhh my babyy looks so handsomee 🙂 thank yuh so much such an awesome present

  5. abby.diaz18@yahoo.com says:

    My name is Abby nd iam Mayas aunt..I just love these pictures that her and Javier took they look so good and happy..wonderful job Alicia

  6. pl4yb0y114@yahoo.com says:

    WAW look at My beautiful cousin it runs in the family very well =) Im so happy to see her and Javier so full of Happiness and love i love you guys both and I have heard and seen so much great photographs on here Alicia…just finished talking with Maya and u’ll be seeing me soon =)

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