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Memorial Day weekend was extra special for me this year, as I was able to spend the following Tuesday photographing a homecoming at Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center 29 Palms.  Elisha’s husband just finished up a tour in Afghanistan and he pretty much brought me to tears when I heard him say to his wife as they were hugging, “You’ve never looked more beautiful.”  What a guy, right?  SSgt. Faye returned home to an obviously ecstatic family, and a family that will be expecting a sweet little addition this year 🙂  Congrats, guys!

Here are some of my favorite shots from this special day.  Enjoy!

How cute is this bunch??

It’s windy in the desert!

Proud Dad.

Mom looking off into the direction of the armory.

Practicing for when the buses show up 🙂

The buses are coming!

They didn’t know I took these shots from the parking lot after they told me to head home 🙂

Sneaky, sneaky!

  1. christine517@live.com says:

    Omg! AWESOME! Gave me chills!! Great photos Alicia 🙂

  2. buinbun2574@hotmail.com says:

    Amazing photos !! It brought tears to my eyes!!

  3. lisfaye@msn.com says:

    I love the pictures! You all look great! I totally cried too:) Love and miss you guys!

  4. phfa7@aol.com says:

    Wow…you really captured the moment…thanks so much

  5. gbern20@mindspring.com says:

    Photo’s are amazing – Had tears in my eyes! I felt like I was right there witnessing it live. WOW!

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